Private label lubricants

Private label lubricants

Premium high quality lubricants labelled with your own company’s brand and in your own style?
It’s all possible if you choose Private label Company (POC) as your lubricant supplier. It doesn’t matter if your company only needs large or just small volumes or packing. From 1 and 5 litre cans up to 60 or 210 litre barrels and even 1000 litre IBC’s, we can supply you with everything you need in the volume you need. POC is able to offer a solution to every lubricating issue.

To give you a brief example of our lubricant product range, below you can find a shortlist of POC’s most popular products:

  • Motor oils for automotive- or transport usage
  • Hydraulic lubricants (oils)
  • Chainsaw lubricants
  • Industrial lubricants
  • Bio degradable oils / lubricants
  • Grease, widely applicable (including ‘food grade’)

Antifreezes and Coolants
Another POC product range is Antifreezes and Coolants. These products are recommended for all internal combustion engines in cars and vans, trucks, construction machinery and agricultural tractors. They also offer excellent protection against corrosion, erosion and cavitation, for aluminium water pumps.

Antifreezes and Coolants provide  exceptional protection against corrosion of steel, cast iron, brass, copper, solder and aluminium. First rate thermal characteristics of the coolants and antifreezes result in effective engine cooling without cooking. It is also neutral regarding to gaskets and hoses. A few examples of antifreezes and coolants are:

  • Normal and Organic Antifreezes
  • Various kinds of Coolants for all uses
  • All-Season Windscreen Wash products
  • Clutch Fluids
  • Brake Fluids
  • Deionized Water

Again, all products can be supplied in every packing quantity that you or your company requires.

Are you interested in one of our Lubricant, Antifreeze or Coolant products or product ranges? Please do not hesitate to contact us for extra information or quotations. Please let us help you find the right product that can satisfy your needs.

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