Private label Oil Company (POC) holds excellent knowledge on the various types of lubricants from our product range. Swift communication and consistent high quality of our products are widely appreciated by our domestic and international clients. POC is increasingly becoming more and more important on the international lubricant market and future plans should expand this division even further.

Export is relatively new to POC, and our goal is to steadily become more and more influential on the international lubricants market. Together with our international partners, POC creates fresh and stylish new brands which always suit our clients demands.

We are especially known for our automotive lubricating products. From classic until the most recent cars and engines, POC’s got the best lubricating products that suit every purpose. High quality, Dutch produced lubricants and attractive prices are the important qualities that are most valued by our (international) business partners.

Private label Oil Company is always keen on getting in contact with new business partners. So if you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us for extra information or quotations. We are pleased to help you find the right product that will satisfy your needs.

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