About us

About us

Quality, Flexibility and Personal Service are on top of Private label Oil’s (POC’s) priority list. POC always wants to supply its clients with the highest quality products at the best possible prices. POC has had many years of experience on the Dutch lubricant market, and is getting more and more experienced  in operating on an international level.

POC’s strength is all about the personal and durable business relations we want to create and build with each and every customer. Together we want to build and create a successful private label lubricant brand. The strength of a ‘strong private label lubricant brand’ comes from the smooth cooperation between us and our customers.

POC operates side by side with Diesel Oil Company (DOC) under the same roof. DOC’s core business is the sales of well known lubricant brands such as: Total, Elf, Petronas and their own label “Combi Oil” which is produced by POC. POC has been founded for the purpose of selling the company’s lubricants under private label. Clients can be companies who already work with a strong lubricant brand and want to complete their product range with private label products or companies with an own strong brand in products lubricants are used for(machines, motors or parts) that want a lubricant product range in their own label and style.

Diesel Oil Company has been operating on the Dutch lubricating market since its founding in the beginning of the previous century, and is therefore a well known and experienced player in on the Dutch market. A few years ago DOC was sold and taken over by a new management board. This management has been innovating and refreshing the organisation since and is investing in a bright future for DOC and POC.

Moving the company forward into these days standards and making innovation a continuing factor within the company, are two of the many important goals that Diesel Oil Company and Private label Oil Company have set for themselves in the future.

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