Private Label Oil Company

Private label products
Private label Oil Company (POC) is unique and ‘one of its kind’ in the oil trading business. Smooth cooperation between POC and our clients is the ‘most important’ part of the process of creating a ‘new and one of a kind’ brand. Products can shift in all shapes and sizes, entirely according to the clients’ needs and desired features.

Oil trading experience
POC has had many years of experience as an oil trader, and we will always stay focussed on updating our products and services and being one step ahead of our competitors. Combining knowledge & experience with personal service is key to the organisations’ values.

Combi Oil lubricants
POC produces and delivers, solely for Diesel Oil Company, an own ‘home-made’ brand, named “Combi Oil”. “Combi Oil” stands for ‘High Quality’ with a versatile and diverse product range. Combi Oil is an example of a private label brand that can give you the ‘Premium Quality’ that you are used to receive from ‘high end’ labels but with the attractive prices that you would expect when buying a ‘house label’.

Different types of clients
POC’s domestic and international client range consists of the following types of customers:

  • (Oil) Trading companies,
  • Retail chains,
  • High-tech companies,
  • Industrial appliance producers,
  • Various wholesalers (especially automotive).

Why POC?
POC stands out from the crowd in producing/delivering smaller and diverse quantities of private label lubricants. We are also known for the flexibility of our warehouse. Placed orders can differ from truckloads, containers or pallet quantities. Clients don’t get ‘no’ for an answer.

POC is an ‘Independent Lubricant Trader’ with diverse suppliers, who guarantee the best quality lubricants. This means there are no products which we can’t supply you with.

Are you looking for an experienced, reliable and stable lubricants supplier with an all-round product range? Private label Oil Company should already be your on your shortlist as a potential business partner!

Are you interested in one of our lubricating products or product ranges? Please do not hesitate to contact us for extra information or quotations. Let us help you find the right product that can satisfy your needs.

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